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Game Developers can quickly sell their games in the Cardbox Deck Store using the creator website. Once published, games can immediately be purchased and played in the Cardbox app.

Create Account

Visit and create an account


Add Games

Add your games in under 2 minutes using the Deck Builder

Get Paid

50/50 split paid out via PayPal at the end of each month*

*You take home 50%. Period. All App Store fees come out of our half.

Deck Builder

Most Prompt & Play style games can easily be added using the Deck Builder UI in a few minutes.

Step 1) Create your Deck

Step 2) Paste in card content

Step 3) Add your look

Step 4) Preview your cards

Step 5) Publish!

Visit our FAQ page or reach out to for more information about becoming a Cardbox content creator.

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